Dr. Will Civelo


23985 Novi Rd

Novi Mi 48384


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  • Dr. Rob Schiffman  says:

    I hope you’ve been having an incredible start to your New Year!
    I would like to personally invite Band Of Brothers to my event
    on January 31st in Chicago.
    It is going to be an amazing day spent with like-minded Chiropractors, and
    I would love to have the Band Of Brothers community there with me.
    The following link is filled with details on what this event will be
    like: Event Information: http://www.rtwconference.com

    Feel free to let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions we can
    talk through.

    Thank you

    Dr. Schiffman

    • Brian Nardi  says:

      Thank you Dr. Shiffman. We’ll let the Bobs members know.

  • Patti Chelenyak  says:

    I am no longer in Michigan BoB would be under info@novichiropractic.com
    Dr Will Civello
    23985 Novi Rd suite A101
    Novi Mi 48384

    • Brian Nardi  says:

      thanks Patti. Changes made

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