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There are no paid employees or staff in the Band of Brothers – we are all volunteers who have united together for a common cause.  The organization is led by a group of men and women who desire to direct all the focus and energy on the PRINCIPLE of Chiropractic. We don’t go around talking about ourselves; we speak of the PRINCIPLE, nothing more, nothing less and notihng else.. All we say about ourselves is that we are your servants because of what we have been called to be.  So our names are not important. We want all the focus to be centered on one thing – the Chiropractic Principle!   That being said, we also are not trying to hide.

We understand that we must  be held accountable for the content in our site and how we lead our lives, our families, and this organization. We do not want to distort, manipulate, or falsely represent the PRINCIPLE of Chiropractic. Accordingly, we all are active in a local practice within our communities and we are willing to submit to the authority of the Chiropractic Green Books and the teachings of the Lasting Purpose mindset by Dr. Sid Williams in the event any concern or issue with this organization cannot be resolved directly with us.  If you are a student or are in active practice and have any concerns with the content on this site, please contact us.

2 comments to Chapters & Leadership

  • Scott O.Washburn, D.C.  says:

    Are there any band of brothers chapters in New Mexico? Going back into practice, principled chiropractic practice. Need some assistance. Phone 5757990955. Thanks and God bless.

    • Brian Nardi  says:

      Currently there are not, but plans can change quickly. Two steps you’ll want to take:

      1. Register for the next DE meeting at
      2. Contact Steve Judson, 860-667-3636

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