Our History

Our History

The BAND OF BROTHERS started in 2002 after one of the most powerful Chiropractic talks given by Dr. Richard Santo at the Dynamic Essentials Seminar in Atlanta, Ga. It was purely a call to arms for all Principled Chiropractors. After attending DE for years I always found it hard to return home and had no one to connect with on The Principle. There was not a way to keep the fire burning that was ignited at DE. Three months would come around and it was always a state of urgency to get back to DE. Then Dr. Santo called us out!

The Band of Brothers started in Connecticut with six and has grown Internationally to over 13 groups meeting weekly or biweekly on Monday nights. Our only agenda is to stay connected and raise the bar on who we are as Principled Humans and Principled Chiropractors. We are non-judgemental of one another. The Intention is to reach out to the Chiropractor on your left and the Chiropractor on your right and help him/her become the best they can be. We follow the Principles adhered to by Dr. Sid E. Williams to GIVE, LOVE AND SERVE out of our own abundance without attachment to the results.

To observe how Dr. Sid and Dr. Nell have led their Life is one of the greatest testaments we can live by. Not only in our offices but outside as well. Keeping “the balance” seems to be a key to success in building a HIGH VOLUME OFFICE, FAMILY AND LIFE. As role models they have shown us “a way”. A way to live in a higher state of abundance and gratitude, love and appreciation, and a life of mission to serve the masses through Principled Chiropractic.

So now through DE and the BAND OF BROTHERS movement you will never be alone. There is always someone beside you who has “been there” and can help you move forward. We must help Chiropractors graduating from our schools get the principle and teach them the philosophy. Focus on the work of our forefathers, dive into the greenbooks and make the mission Universal. So now we move on TOGETHER with Love, Compassion, and Fire….reaching out to our brothers and sisters (Band of Brothers is not gender biased by its name…listen to Dr. Santo’s talk and you will understand). We will help you get a group started in your state…it is easy…all that is needed is your passion and love for the principle….we also ask that you attend DE reguarly where we can all connect and remain fired up to change the world..ONE PRINCIPLED CHIROPRACTOR at a time.


Steve Judson DC
Principled Chiropractor

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